bibim noodles at home

As of today, this blog is changing from sharing food related photos with no content to sharing more, being more personal.


I’m Korean and maybe it’s in the genes, but I find myself learning to cook Korean way easier than other cuisines. This dish is called “bibim noodles” (bibim literally means to mix) and it’s super versatile.


I used buckwheat noodles and whatever I had in the fridge. This dish included: kimchi, sautéed zucchini, greens, tofu, green onions, and cucumbers-  soysauce and jalapeños on the side. Ingredients were not completely traditional, but the beauty of this dish is you can practically use whatever you can find in your fridge. I’m all about ONE plate or bowl meals (that’s all I can handle cooking) and my husband is always appreciative of my humble dishes.

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