the green salad

Have you ever felt like salad prepared by someone else, usually a cute brunch place, is way more delicious than one you make at home? To me, salad is something that can be super low key to make at home, but one I never find myself making – until now.

Leo is in the midst of getting testing done for possible autoimmune disease so we knew right away we needed to include more greens and less grains. We wholeheartedly believe in healing with real food. This salad came about with what was in the fridge at the time. It came out of a moment in panic and distress.  Now, it is our go-to lunch. It’s amazing how creativity flows out of lack or limitations.

Note, we are not sure how we are going to eliminate or limit our rice intake (we are asian, it’s like bread to us!), but we take this one shift at a time.

the goods:

one whole avocado, red onion, greens (we had spinach, kale, and romaine), and cucumber from our garden.

dressing: olive oil, juice of half a lemon, light salt and pepper


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