detroit and korean fries-suprising, refreshing, confident

When it’s accessible, somehow we don’t take advantage of it. And when we don’t, we end up not appreciating what’s around us. To us, the city of Detroit is like that. It’s only about a 40 minute drive from us and with the growing food and art scene, we sure don’t explore it enough. So, we made the change and headed for a day in Detroit one Saturday afternoon.

We ate many things at Dime Store, but I’m going to highlight our favorite – Spicy Korean Fries.

Fried foods (okay, except for fries) and red meat is something I rarely crave. So, when my husband wanted to order this I was hesitant, but wanted to be adventurous. I wasn’t sure though how this would all work out combining two main ingredients that are heavy – meat and fries-in one dish. Even so, we both ordered a separate main dish (one for each of us) because there were literally several dishes that sounded great. (This rarely happens in Ann Arbor!)

I am super glad I tried this dish because it was my favorite thing we ate there – and everything else was delicious. The pickled vegetables were crunchy, sour-yet fresh, and the spicy mayo was lightly drizzled without overpowering the dish. The bulgogi was marinated beautifully -sweet and savory that complimented well with the salty fries.

I love foods that take you by a surprise. It’s incredibly inspiring. It’s the unexpected that is refreshing…

like Detroit. Craving for more.


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