weekly wisdom: try something new, anything


Routine is an important skills we are all taught starting at a very young age. As I am getting older though and approaching my late 30s, I wonder what kind of life this leads. Certainly there are healthy practices of routine like having a set bedtime and morning routine to help you get settled into rest or get ready for the day.

But, there are other kinds of routine that, I believe, hinders growth. Like, staying at a career mainly because you know how to do the job and it’s worse when you are good at what you do. But, there is no love. This is where I am with my career, for the past 4 years.

This whole idea and practice of routines came to mind when Leo and I went for a long walk at a new (new to us) park in Ann Arbor this past Labor Day. We didn’t know the trails, but were told there were more than 5 and miles on end. We started on a path and just walked, really not knowing where we were headed. No map, nothing.

What I observed was I took notice of every tree, sound, smell..etc. around me. This was unlike me. I am goal oriented and my eyes are always, only, on the prize. I tend to miss the journey, sadly. During this walk, a small fraction of my day, I was IN THE JOURNEY and it was incredibly good. We were just out there to explore in solitude together, no routine to keep because everything was unfamiliar.


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