no-noodle pad thai

IMG_1937This dish came with a rather difficult shift- trying to eat less noodles/rice/grains as possible. With Leo’s chronic body aches and my struggle with eczema, we are hoping this will help us both heal.

So, this no-noodle pad thai …. Leo is an amazing cook, but I had a hard time believing how a dish that REQUIRES noodles can be just as good without. I was also worried I would need to eat a second meal after this. However, it was just as delicious and filling. The trick was adding a good amount of chicken (protein) and making the sauce hearty.

Ingredients: carrots, cucumbers, zucchini (you can use any veggies you want!), cilantro, chicken breast.

We kept all vegetables raw and Leo did his fancy cutting so that the vegetables were “ribbon” like -resembling noodles. The sauce is peanut butter and lime juice. We literally mixed everything together and added chicken.

I physically felt great after this meal. I didn’t feel sluggish (sometimes I feel this way with grains). Next time when you can, skip the pasta/noodle and observe how you feel. Whole food, real food, should taste and FEEL good.


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