3-ingredient blueberry jam


One easy way to shift your way to more whole eating is trying to make condiments at home, like jam. Especially if it’s one you find yourself eating often, why not make it delicious and good for you (and save money!).

My mom used to make homemade grape jam all the time growing up. She would literally have a huge kiddie pool filled with grapes and would spend hours just crushing them with her feet. Messy. Fun. Yummy.

We found this recipe in our Deliciously Ella cookbook that my good girlfriend from London gave me last year. The cookbook is centered around whole eating with many easy recipes to follow. She used strawberries in this recipe, but it works with other berries! We made this after blueberry picking.

Just 2 full mugs of blueberries, one heaping spoonful of honey, 2 tbs of chia seeds. That is IT. THREE INGREDIENTS. I didn’t quite following the recipe. Taste it and add more chia seeds if you need more texture, or honey if you want it sweeter.

Simply boil the blueberries for about 20 minutes and then add other ingredients.

Have leftover summer berries? Make jam!


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