small plates for entertaining

When looking to purchasing our first home, one of the main areas we couldn’t compromise on was the dining room. For most people, it may be having a really big master bedroom or a walk-in closet. For us, it’s the space to converse and enjoy food with others. Almost 5 months in, we are very happy with our home purchase because of the space it has to entertain.

I am reminded that a family dinner doesn’t necessarily need a main course, but with varying small plates-appetizers-, it can be just as delicious and filling. A little while ago, we had our good friends Erik and Christina over for some of our favorite small bites:

cheese, spicy salami (as you know we aren’t big red meat eater, but I can never resist spicy salami with my cheese!), and seasonal fruits.

This other dish…I can’t explain how good this combination is: roasted carrots, burrata with  carrot top pesto – yes, carrot top pesto! It’s an April Bloomfield recipe from her “A Girl in her Green” book (highly recommend it!). You can find the recipe here. How amazing it is to use the entire vegetable – roots and all. The pesto is like no other. I personally think it’s earthier and brighter.


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