weekly wisdom: struggling vines produce better wine


This is a belated “weekly wisdom” post, but we can all use wisdom and inspiration any day of the week. We just got back from our Northern Michigan trip on Monday and goodness, was it a retreat. Post on that coming soon.

This photo was taken at Big LITTLE , which by far is our favorite winery Up North. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s run by two brothers from Ann Arbor, or the fact that it changed our perception (especially my husband who doesn’t like white wine) on whites. It’s probably a combination of both.

When we were there this time, we didn’t see the brothers, but the woman who led us in the tasting room was also knowledgeable about the wine. Leo and her got into a lengthy and passionate conversation about harvesting wine. She said something that stuck with me, “vines have to struggle in order to produces the best grapes.” Normal or favorable irrigation will make the vines lazy. This spoke deep into my heart, my soul. In the middle of wine tasting with some relaxing jazz music in the background and breathtaking view of the vineyards, there I am in tears…and smiles.

Aren’t we the same, as people? Struggles, hardships of life bring out the fight in us that cannot be shaped and tried under perfect conditions of life. And these struggles allows us to separate the good fruit from the bad, leaving us stronger each time.

Who knew I would receive a life lesson at wine tasting.

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