lentil pasta with chickpeas

img_2352This past weekend’s weather was glorious, breezy and feeling like fall. I love this time of the year – the air, fall activities like apple picking, the colors, fall fashion, and of course the food. Koreans are notorious for eating a ton of soup and rice. It’s a standard and when it’s missing, you can feel its absence. The meal is not complete. Although Leo and I eat a lot of other foods outside of Asian, our love for soups and rice translates in what we eat- Asian or not!

But, we have been changing our diet a lot to see what makes us feel better and when possible, we try to substitute for gluten-free ingredients when it makes sense for the dish. We tried this brand (available at Wholefoods) and it’s completely made with red lentils and peas. You know it’s good when you can read and understand everything on the ingredient list. Read your labels! The pasta itself is sticky and it’s not the consistency we were expecting, but surprising, it reminded us of rice which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I was immediately drawn to this recipe because it wasn’t your typical tomato sauce pasta.

The recipe comes from Bon Appetite’s most recent issue which is all about pastas, but you can find a very similar recipe here. We tweaked it by doing the following: lentil pasta instead of regular, double the chickpeas for more depth, turnip greens instead of kale. Our tweaks usually come from our own flavor preferences, dietary restrictions, and we always try to use what we already have in the fridge.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit since the weekend, but this would be a good one to try soon enough. It’s truly hearty, full of flavor, and so so simple. Leftovers for lunch the next day was equally delicious.

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