leisure, not a luxury

fullsizerenderThis past work week was insane. Morning and evening meetings, rainy days (I love them, but not at work) means indoor recess which equates to hyper and unfocused students, no time to work out, late night dinners – just feeling like a hamster on a hamster wheel…running running and running and trying to catch some breath.

And then the weekend came. Instead of relishing on some down time, I have a really bad habit of stressing out and “scheduling” my weekends with things I feel like I (or we) need to do. Do you feel like you need to use your weekends to catch up on work or other errands?

In our household, we are trying to change our weekend habits. Even when we need to do certain things like menu plan/grocery shop, clean the house..etc, we take a day or afternoon or even just a few hours to unwind and reset. On Sunday afternoon, we did this by browsing at one of our favorite bookstores and enjoying some tea at the teahaus. Not much talking was involved because that’s what the occasion called for. 🙂

Leisure activities are not a luxury. It’s a need. A must. This is really hard for me, but I need to make it more of a priority. I kind of am a mess without it.

What do you do to reset? Do you schedule it weekly or it is spontaneous? How does it work with everything else you have going on?



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