3 favorite fall teas, and it’s not caffeinated

img_2444I drink tea like it’s water. I start my morning with a cup of green tea and herbal throughout the day and evening. I enjoy the fact that you can find one that suits your taste and mood, like the changing seasons. I love many, but these are my favorite herbal teas that are perfect for the fall:

Rishi Turmeric Ginger: It has a strong turmeric taste so you have to like that. Ginger is great for digestion and turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. I find myself reaching for this one, especially when I am under the weather or need to relax from stress. This also comes in tea bags, but you get most out of the ingredients through loose leaf.

Rooibos (from Teahaus): Rooibos is South Africa’s drink and it translated into “Red Bush”. It is a red tea. The flavor is slightly woodsy, sweet, and creamy. The woodsy-ness reminds me of the cooler seasons and the creaminess warms you up. I probably drink this one the most. Such a good daily tea for any time of the day. Benefits of rooibos include: headache, eczema, insomnia, allergies, bone weaknesses, and more.

Kapha Tea (from Teahaus): Kapha tea is a great alternative to coffee. It is herbal, but due to spices that are in it like chili, it will wake you up. Kapha is something we just discovered last weekend and we got hooked. It is relaxing and calming with ginger and lemon, but it has a kick to it with cardamon and chili that has alertness to it. This is our first spicy tea and we just can’t get enough! I also think spicy foods and drinks keep you warm in the cooler days. This is so good for both mornings and evenings. Best health benefit is balance.


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