spanish tortilla, an egg dish I like

It’s funny how this dish is so unlike us. We will occasionally have eggs for breakfast although we really should do more of it because Leo makes an amazing herb omelette. As for potatoes, unless it’s oven baked japanese yam (that I can literally can have every winter night as a snack), it’s not something we crave. When we do, it’s sweet potato fries or truffle fries from our favorite places in town. But again, we don’t normal cook with potatoes.

So,  I’m not really sure how we ended up making this spanish tortilla dish 3 times in the course of 2 weeks when I don’t like any sort of egg heavy dishes like frittata. But, it happened. That’s a lot of potatoes and eggs – a combination that is unfamiliar in our home.

It all started when we randomly found this food show that I can’t seem to remember the name of right now. It’s about a chef who travels the world and takes an ingredient that is local there and makes a beautiful, simple, delicious dish. The first episode we watched he made this dish that looked like an omelette, but it was so much more. That’s when we learned of the spanish tortilla. Spanish Tortilla is a Spanish omelette consisting of potatoes and eggs. It is fried over oil and usually served at room temperature as an appetizer. It just looked really hearty, perfect for a cold day, and simple.

We followed this bon appetite recipe here because it was the simplest that we found and we had many successes with their recipes. We followed the recipe and added tons of fresh rosemary and thyme. We also ate it hot, and for dinner- all 3 times.

So, there is an egg dish I like, I learned. img_2485


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