ode to our vintage kitchen, a thanksgiving lesson

img_2647When we moved into our home in May, one of the renovations we wanted to get started right away was this kitchen. Everything about it is old, small, and seemingly nonfunctional for people who love to cook, eat, and gather. Granted we bought a 1915 bungalow and we absolutely adore the charm, character, and the bone of an older home. But, that doesn’t mean I wanted everything to stay in the 1900s. When it comes to a kitchen, we prefer new and sparkly.

Well, very soon after we moved in, we realized renovation of any kind is not in the budget. We ended up painting all the cabinets white, spray painted the hardware gold and recently Leo built a kitchen island for much needed counter space. Still, it leaves us with a vintage stove and oven. To be honest, we were apprehensive about its function! The thing is though, this old(er) stove and oven has not compromised our love for good food. I’m sure the fact that Leo is an amazing cook has something to do with the magic. Regardless, it’s pretty incredible. Even our friend Brian mentioned this at Thanksgiving – the contrast between the stove and fast-forwardness of the meal that was produced. I was reminded yet again the gift of what we have and appreciating the now for what it is.

There is magic beyond what one can imagine if you let yourself see it. I so need this reminder. Thank you for letting us see your beauty, our humble vintage kitchen.


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