best nut mix ever-rosemary, chipotle

img_2777We discovered this Ina Garten nut recipe about 3 years ago when I really really wanted to make candied nuts, but have it taste better with better ingredients and less sweet. Well, we have been making these during the holidays ever since. It is no exaggeration when I say it tastes like Christmas in a single bite. You get the sweetness from the honey and brown sugar, roasted aroma from the nuts, spice from the chipotle powder, and to me no herb resembles all the delicious dishes that are made during this season other than rosemary.


As you know from our cooking, our recipes are either original or tweaked from someone else’s. Here are our thoughts about what to keep in mind with this recipe:

  • Get an orange and squeeze the juice out of it yourself. We made it three times already this season, twice with an actual orange and once from “freshly squeezed” juice. You really can taste the difference. The actual orange will give you more of a zesty flavor that is worth it.
  • We added 1/3 of more nuts than what the recipe called for, making it less sweet.
  • Get whatever nuts are on sale and what you will actually eat. We skipped the cashews (also because we are not a fan) and added regular peanuts to the mix.
  • A little chipotle powder goes a long way. We like it spicy, but we wouldn’t go more than what the recipe calls for.
  • Go crazy with rosemary. We probably doubled the amount – we sprinkled a lot at the end so you have that fresh rosemary flavor as well.
  • Do not skip the part about about stirring it at mid point. If you don’t do this, the nuts will stick to the pan.  Also stir when they are finished until it has cooled a bit.

This mix has become our go-to for any time of the day snack, snacks when we have guests over, and this year we are giving them as gifts in lovely mason jars. Everyone loves them!


Oh- and Leo discovered that these also make awesome ice cream toppings! The ice cream pictured is from our local ice cream store, Go Ice Cream. With our roasted nuts, we tried the Single Malt Butterscotch. OH MY.



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