remembering 2016


These were our little housewarming gifts to each other on April 22, 2016 on closing of our first home. This pot holder from me signifies a time of growth, as individuals and as a couple. Leo got this card for us, as a daily reminder to be brave and excited about life as we start a new chapter together.


Another year gone, a new year begins. As 2017 is already underway, I want to close the year 2016 differently than in the past. It’s easy to start fresh and I love that feeling, but in order to truly go forth with arms outstretched, I think I need to put 2016 to rest with much gratitude- not only in my thoughts, but on paper, making it permanent of all the great things that DID happen.

Year 2016 Gratitudes: 

  1. April 22, 2016- we became first time homeowners to a charming 1915 bungalow in a cozy neighborhood in Ypsilanti. Buying in Ann Arbor didn’t work for us financially and we were really sad at first. But, we absolutely love our neighborhood and couldn’t have asked for a better place to start this phase of our lives.
  2. Labors of love- painting, building, installing, taking down, making it our own…etc.
  3. Sue. friend and unofficial mentor.
  4. Friends who helped our move so painless.
  5. Hosting Thanksgiving: first time both set of parents celebrate holiday together.
  6. Hosting many dinner parties with friends. Good food, good people, usually involving games.
  7. Special farewell dinner party for our friend, Grace. Cooking together a mediterranean meal.
  8. Women’s book study
  9. Friendships- old and new, far and near
  10. Retreat Getaway to Traverse City/Old Mission. Much needed time of refreshment
  11. Leo’s health improving so much in the past few months. What a miracle.
  12. Spending time with my nephew, August. Seeing him grow up into a beautiful, happy, loving boy is a miracle unfolding before my eyes.
  13. Christmas/New Years with family. Thankful for a sister who traveled all the way from California to be with us.
  14. Finding a yoga studio that feels so natural to me- my love for the practice continues to grow. Diving deeper into yoga feels like me and I am thankful for it.
  15. Starting this personal blog and writing freely.
  16. Taking a chance at Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship, although I didn’t get chosen
  17. New Years Eve at our home. First time parents sleeping over and us hosting them.
  18. Professionally: contacting a few people whom I admire and asking for help/advice. This was scary. Vulnerability is hard.
  19. Attending an adoption conference (Lives Rewritten), with open heart.
  20. A new start to Leo’s career
  21. Found my way back to journaling – feels so good.
  22. Marriage is getting stronger, learning to love, listen, forgive
  23. Sharing our failed IVF story with other couples. Amazing how you don’t realize how your story can be a source of comfort for others.
  24. The year I really appreciated desserts: homemade earl grey lavender bday cake, dark chocolate/peanut butter cookies, lemon polenta cake (all made by Leo)
  25. The day we had a family snowball fight…just over this Christmas. I don’t recall ever seeing my parents play with snow.

Making this list was eye-opening and I realized that I have much to be thankful for. I believe that’s always the case and gratitude is practice, time and time again, day after day. Even if things like traveling more (outside of MI), redoing the kitchen, find my dream career was on my “list to do” for 2016 and did not make it, other great things happened and they are not any less.

Thanks 2016 for all the big, little, and in-between things that happened, and even for the things that didn’t. There is always something to be thankful for.

unnamedApril 22, 2016. Sunny skies, all smiles – 100% happy and 100% scared.

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